Problem Solvers wanted –future uncertain. Great satisfaction if successful

What are we looking for? We are looking for all-rounded individuals who are interested in exploring the world of construction and who are fit to train with us as potential project managers. The role of our project managers is to oversee the delivery of refurbishment projects. Spend some time on our website and get a good feel.

What exactly do we do at FLEXEM? We refurbish our clients’ retail stores (Woolworths, Coles, etc). We do it well, fast and on time. Most of our projects are in ‘live’ stores (so our site teams work during the night and hand over store ready for business each morning).

Do you need to know about construction? You will know a lot. If you have renovated a house, or know someone (who knows someone) who renovated a house, then we can take it from here and train you. Have you changed a tap washer, or used a drill without creating a tunnel (aka a massive hole)? Then you can skip a day in our Training Program. In other words, knowledge of construction and project management is on us, the rest is on you.
With your dedication (and sense of humour) you are expected to learn to build a construction program in collaboration with our foremen and clients. Then you will liaise with clients, tradespeople and suppliers to get the job done (after you haggled hard for the right price of course). You will be visiting your sites when necessary. Sometimes at night. You always deliver on time, and on scope.

Why don’t we simply hire experienced (construction) project managers? We do. But we want our PMs to be more than that. We are after lateral thinkers, and creative problem solvers. Da Vincis of sort.

What are we really looking for? We can teach you construction stuff and all that. But you need to prove that you are logical, methodical, organized, curious, intelligent and a good communicator. Above all, you need to know that a lot of people aren’t like that. And above that, you need to be ethical, assertive and (ultra) polite. We aren’t saying you aren’t all that. We’re saying that you need to stay all that, when deadlines are looming and site deliveries are late. Or when a tradesperson tries to work on your site without her insurances in order (never).

Are we all that cool at Flexem? Hmmm. But you bet we try. And we want you to make us even smarter and cooler.

What qualifications do you need? Ideally, you can either have an engineering or scientific background with a creative bend, or have an art background with a scientific/engineering twist. Double degrees can be cool (law & commerce? No degree?). Strong knowledge of Microsoft office and Excel is non-negotiable (sorry, we have to start somewhere).

Keen and curious? Drop us your CV and a few lines. Make us want to call you. There is a chance we’d first chat on the phone to ascertain your aspirations and potential fit. If we feel this can work, we will call you in for another chat.

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