Flexem- A small Giant

Flexem is a Small Giant (Read the book?)
And yet no song is written about us.
Tony Khoury founded Flexem in 2006 after a decade of experience in fit-out and construction
And yet no song (or book) is written about him either...

It takes three to tango…

We are well past our teething problems. Yet our raison d’étre is still growth. Growth at Flexem is not about a larger size. It is about both a personal and a professional journey for each one of us. And success at Flexem is not about more profit. It is about bettering ourselves and what we do each day.  

So ‘profit growth’ at Flexem means something different. 

We put our clients, employees and shareholders first. Just like a tripod, no leg comes first. And just like a tripod, each of our stakeholders is first.  

That’s why we need three to tango.

It’s lovely to meet us…

Many companies ‘value’ their people and some companies realise that they ‘are’ people. At Flexem, we do all we can to hide our people. They are a breed of their own, a bunch like no other. They are so ahead of their time, we are not ready to show them to the world, let alone ‘show them off’. Take Jessie for instance (we use fictitious names to protect the rest of us). Give Jessie a project and she will immediately print her drawings on large format so that…Long story.

They are all long stories. But for the sake of space and time, below is what may (just may) give you a glimpse of one (just one) dimension of these complicated beings.

We asked: ‘What would they say if we put words in their mouths?’ And here they are talking back to us.

But remember, we don’t sum up complex and beautiful beings in a few syllables.

Our Heroes