The Things We Do

We do one thing. We do it three ways. And we do it really well.


Live Environment Experts out of this world.

One happy client said to us “Why don’t you call yourselves The Live Environment Experts? You are so (so) good at it!” and we said because we want to be able to do cemeteries!

But in all fairness we feel we are the best in live environments.

Not only because we have done thousands of live stores before (Many others have done that too). And not because that’s all we do (Some others specialise in that too) but because we have a near-neurotic interest in continuous improvement (We don’t know anyone else who’s like us).

Our people come  from inside and outside the industry (Construction, Engineering, Science, Marketing, Medical, Finance, Commerce, Business, etc). This cross-disciplinary mix is our secret to thinking outside the box and to getting better and better at what we do. 

Our site teams and project managers understand very well what it means to refurbish while staying in business:

Customers must not feel a thing except excitement about their new space.

But wait there is more: ‘… So much achieved in little time, I would personally like to thank all involved’, said Garry, a valued client, and we say to Garry ‘Wait there is more…We promise.’


(PS: We have never done a cemetery before, and we also don’t want our valued clients to die to get in either.)


If you can fit one retail store, it does not mean you can fit the mall.

Our 20 years in the industry spanning, airports, supermarkets, cinemas, fast food, petrol stations, restaurants, entertainments, bars, clubs and bowling alleys,  we understand how bespoke your projects can be.

This is why we do one thing. And this is why we do it well.


(Are you still reading, or you just dropped right in here? We are flattered either way!)

We build what we can renew. This way we add maximum and ongoing value to our clients. 

We focus on medium format buildings (Supermarkets, restaurants, fast food, petrol stations, Gyms, cinemas, etc.). 

We do just that.  And we do it well.