Frequently asked questions

The customer in a Piggly Wiggly Store rambles down aisle after aisle, on both sides of which are shelves. The customer collects his purchases and pays as he goes out.

New York Times, 1923.

Superhuman effort from everyone….Bring it all on again next year!Marcus.

Massive thanks to you and the team for your support on this one…your team handled it extremely professionally and very patiently-Damian.

So much achieved in little time, I would personally like to thank all involvedGarry.

There were complexities with forklifts, safety risks and a fast moving store to contend with and all were handled well. Yet another great partnership…” – David.

It is the elation we experience after each retail fit-out. We also experience similar elations from fast-food fitouts and drive thrus (see Instant Gratifications).


Not to be confused with a ‘counterfeit’, a ‘counter fit’ is the convulsion one experiences at the (new) counter after one realises that the counter does not fit. While a counterfeit can cause counter fits, not all counter fits are triggered in this manner.

It is the instant high we experience from a fast-food fitout. Instant gratification is short-lived and highly addictive. We seek it at any price.

Because it is an anti-back-to-retail soap.

Also known as the ‘Handover Date’.  It is widely believed that it is easier to change the New Year’s Eve date than to change a Practical Completion Date. No attempt at this is known to-date.

As the name implies, this varies. Variations come in 2 main forms; (i) Daring (e.g., ‘My price was per square inch not square meter’), or (ii) outright creative (e.g., ‘My quote was in $USD’).

There are also ‘client’ variations. We cannot accurately define these.

That depends. If you are a client, you will undoubtedly have at least one (sometimes three). If you are a trade, your work is always perfect and all defects are an illusion of the mind.

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